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November 26 2014


Free Magento Extension For Product Attachments

Products Attachments extension for Magento enable you easily submit unlimited files of any type of type to product pages It's permit you boost product pages with added details which may function as trigger available or merely beneficial info for customer such as: case studies, use cases, licenses, certifications, specs and so on. After upload data to called for products, data will appear in your magento store for consumers download and install at any moment they desire.

Magento extension

Extension enable you pick place where you would like to place files for downloads. It could be placed in tab mode-- unique block will be put with comprehensive information about item, or in area mode - under cost section in summary product part. You could establish title for special block, names of files/url for downloads, documents presence, files order.

Product Attachments extension for Magento shopping provides capability for documents downloads readily available within Product web pages.

Magento extension

1) Ability to upload files when edit products from admin panel
2) Easy-to-use File Manager allows file uploading and also immediate affixing of the uploaded documents items.
3) Files additionally could be connected to an item in a very practical way under Product Attachments tab from item page in Magento Admin panel
4) You can reject gain access to of file for Guest/non-registered visitors
5) Ability to reveal downloadable files straight on item page
6) Ability to include video files on item page
7) Ability to provide SEO friendly file name
8) Option to establish recommended position of a block with downloads
9) Add 'Downloads' tab on item web page if sustained by style
10) Sort data by name, as well as dimension

Magento extension

Trial URL Front: http://demo.kodematix.com/productattach/
Demonstration URL Admin: demo.kodematix.com/productattach/admin
User: demo Password: demo123
User Guide: http://demo.kodematix.com/productattach/documents/Userguide-Product Attachments Magento Extension.pdf

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